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Do you think “Productivity gain”
is the activity to

serve for management?

  i.Lean would consider that it is for 
  “all the people who work and participate there” 
  to “transform them into what they wont to be“

Don’t you have such troubles?

"Troubles" and "Real example (at Medical institution)"

Not enough manpower

Working hard all day long and overtime continues, but there is no remarkable cooperation from doctors.

Chased by useless work

There are many requests from Medical affairs Div. to create some data and documents that seem unnecessary

Digital transformation makes no progress

Work efficiency improvement by Digital transformation was directed, however, I have no idea what to do

Low customer satisfaction

So many outpatients come everyday and they complain that the waiting time is too long.

Problem solving is whack-a-mole

Countermeasures were conducted by mangers but they don’t fit into real business fields to make works easier

Poor cooperation between departments

It is necessary to gain some support from nursing staff in other department who looks like having spare time


Your troubles can be solved by Lean

In the first place, what is Lean

Lean can be another word for ”muscular business foundation” that is to scrape of waste (Muda) in process thoroughly and aim continuously to “maximize the value what customer need to obtain by spending minimum resources”.

In 1970s, Toyota Production System was introduced into US business field and deep investigation was done mainly due to MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) contribution. As time advances, it was well organized not only applying to manufacturing but also much wider area such as R&D, Sales & Marketing and Operations.

As such, Lean is very well known as Business Transformations tool in US/European countries, though it is rarely seen in Japan.

Lean's achievement (Example: MRI exam)

Project member’s impression

Project activities

Reason why Lean brings great success

Basic principle

Starting from “Identify customer value”, 5 steps mentioned in the figure will be thoroughly repeated taking 2 Kaizen (improvement) approaches - “Muda (Waste) elimination” to remove Muda hidden in process and “Continuous flow” to make the value stream smoother - so that the value provided to the customer will be enhanced.

2 approaches for Kaizen (Improvement)

In order to save time, it tends to work quickly in general. However, “Lean Thinking” aims to increase “Value Added” time by eliminating Muda in “Non Value Added” time that is much longer than VA.
By eliminating not only Muda in individual processes but also Muda (waiting) that is caused due to unbalance between processes, this approach aims to maximize the efficiency as entire system

Lean basic tools

① Voice Of Customer: Definitions of the origins
    and objectives of all Lean activities (5S + 1)

② 6S (5S + 1): Foundation formed for business
    improvement (behaviororal patterns and culture)

③ Daily Management: Run the PDCA management
     cycle as a team to achieve business targets (KPI)

④ Problem Solving Journey: Deploy and promote 
     Problem-solving Processes (DRIVE)

⑤ Hoshin Tenkai: Deploy and execute strategical
     activities to accomplish certain breakthrough

⑥ Standard Work: Setting, maintaining and
     managing practical tandard rules

⑦ Value Stream Mapping: Visualizing and
     resolving process issues from a bird's eye view

⑧ Kaizen Event: Short-term project activities for 
     overcoming major obstacles

i.Lean’s Business

Consultation framework

Solve several issues gradually by taking spiral-up approach in mid-long term
[Target client]
  • Difficult to solve many complicated issues at once
  • Need to solve issues gradually taking time        (longer than 1 year)
  • Available resource for one Kaizen at a time is limited
Solve a critical business issue at once
in short term
[Target client]
  • Business objective or Issue to be solved is clearly focused
  • High achievement in short term (within 1 year) is absolutely needed
  • All project activities are possible to be driven by cross-functional formation

Provide much wider/higher value corroboratively

[Target client]
  • Hard to meet the customer’s expectation/value by supplier alone
  • Customer orders i.Lean to install the specific product/service as solution
  • Supplier & i.Lean would like to increase value mutually complementary

Detail: Constitutional improvement type

From the mid-long term view, identify the “To-Be” goal and accomplish it adopting appropriate Lean tools step by step.

Initially, solve critical urgent issue in short period, then expand the target gradually by executing several Kaizen (improvement project) as a team which includes some core member who got knowledge/skill in the past events, so that Lean ability will be expanded into whole organization eventually.

The consultation fee for this type is “monthly fixed rate” based on annual contract and “Performance reward” separately in case the final goal is achieved.

Detail: Project type

In order to solve the identified business issue, the project formation composed of cross functional member is built firstly. Then, it will proactively hold several Workshops and execute actions in parallel with taking practical Lean training conducted by i.Lean, so that a big critical issue will be solved in short term (half- one year).

Kaizen is separated into 3 phases, client can choose “entire contract” or “separate individual contract”, while either contract consists of Man-hours fee and appropriate reward in case of success.

Detail: Corroboration type

In relatively to deals originally either of Supplier or i.Lean, we play the role of both our own and one mutually complementary, so that we can expand target scope and enhance the value for the customer comparing to the business that we play individually.

Supplier can put their resources focusing on the territory that is originally covered by their product & Services.

i.Lean can increase the business chance and outcome comprehensively since we can choose appropriate solution based on customer request and focus on the actions relative to Lean.

About i.Lean


Do you think “Productivity gain”
is the activity to serve for management?

  i.Lean would consider that it is for
  “all the people who work and participate there”
  to “transform them into what they wont to be”

Because as per Lean,
  We will obtain “extra time” which is produced by
  “Productivity gain” 
as the result of Kaizen activity
  that we encourage and cooperate 
with each other
  aiming to maximize the value that can
to the customer.

  Then eventually, by leveraging obtained time,
  we can realize 

Value & Introduction

i.Lean LLC
  CEO: Masaaki Hirose
   Address: Fuchu City, Tokyo, Japan

[Brief work history]
Starting from “Production engineer” to deploy Toyota Production System into manufacturing processes of precision equipment in a Japanese company, I took a several type of Business process improvement working for 20 years, such as Business strategy planning, new Business development in Europe and Project lead of ERP installation.

Then, I changed jobs to foreign-owned medical device company where my Lean knowledge/skill become expert level in 15 years period as per various experiences of Business Transformation in a wide range of End-to-End fields, including Development, SCM, and Sales & Marketing leveraging Lean concept/method.

In July 2022, I started private company so called "i.Lean“, then this become LLC in April 2024.

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